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Gold Rush Vinyl: Innovating the Record Industry in Austin, Texas | Caren Kelleher

Today on Small Business War Stories we are joined by Caren Kelleher, owner of Gold Rush Vinyl in Austin, Texas.

Caren began working in the technology side of music, starting at Songkick and moving to Google to help launch Google Music and Google Play. During this time she had a side gig as a band manager and noticed that young fans were wanting to buy vinyl. She found that vinyl took months to be created, and was inspired to find a better way. Gold Rush Vinyl was opened in early 2018 and focuses on high quality, fast-turn around record pressing.

This week n Small Business War Stories, Caren Kelleher joins us from Austin, Texas.


Three reasons to tune in this week: 

  • Hear about the supply and demand of vinyl in the current music industry.
  • Discover the way Caren’s shop shortens the turn around time for vinyl records.
  • Learn how Caren persevered through all of the “nos” she heard along the way.

Listen to the podcast:

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Pablo Fuentes

Pablo Fuentes is an entrepreneur and blues musician based in Austin, Texas. He loves stories, dogs, and film photography.

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