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Pursuit Nutrition: Combining Nutrition with Performance in Austin, Texas | Carla Nowicki

Combining Nutrition with Performance | Carla Nowicki

Carla Nowicki’s background as a young athlete alerted her to a problem facing many young athletes. 

Instead of encouraging athletes to be stronger or healthier, there was a constant emphasis on being smaller. The message was that being smaller was the key to being faster and “better” for these young athletes. 

Carla started Pursuit Nutrition, a performance solution for individuals looking to pursue their best selves. 

This week on Small Business War Stories, Carla joins us from Austin, Texas. 

Three reasons to tune in this week:

  • Learn how Carla’s experience as a young athlete drove her to make a change around the “be smaller” stigma facing athletes and women, specifically. 
  • Learn about the different types of dieticians and nutritionists and how their specialties work. 
  • Learn about the common misconceptions regarding health, including the “evil” carbohydrate. 

Listen to the podcast:


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