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Sweet Ritual Ice Cream: Opening a Vegan Scoop Shop in Austin, Texas | Amelia Raley


Opening a Vegan Scoop Shop in Austin, TexasToday we are joined by Amelia Raley of Sweet Ritual Ice Cream, a dairy free ice cream shop in Austin, Texas.

In 2008, Amelia moved to Austin and began working in a toy store serving ice cream. She quickly used her experience with vegan cooking and began creating her own vegan ice cream in different flavors. Once the toy store moved locations, Amelia decided to open an ice cream shop with her friend and business partner, Valarie.

Now, they have been running the scoop shop for 7 years and have a store as well as a distribution center.

This week on Small Business War Stories, Amelia Raley join us from Austin, Texas.

Three reasons to tune in this week: 

  • Hear the way Amelia discovered that she deserved to be working somewhere that made her happy and how she became an entrepreneur.
  • Discover the ins and outs of running an ice cream shop, including coming up with flavors and transporting ice cream.
  • Hear about the ways Amelia uses social media to grow her client base and brand.

Listen to the podcast:

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Pablo Fuentes

Pablo Fuentes is an entrepreneur and blues musician based in Austin, Texas. He loves stories, dogs, and film photography.

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